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The first time I heard of the golden ratio I was fascinated. The idea that a recurring mathematical formula found in all areas of life seems to capture what we widely regard as appealing. Looking back it surely influenced my artistic taste: beauty and aesthetics aren’t complicated, they speak to something we can intuitively appreciate. Who am I to argue with nature and its 'pleasing proportions’? We’re drawn to qualities such as symmetry, angularity and definition; all of which I put into the idea of Bangelle.
My first professional rendezvous with the jewelry industry was being the right hand of a renowned jewelry designer in Beverly Hills. From there on my love and appreciation for jewelry deepened. Fast forward 10 years: add a love story, 2 kids, and having lived in Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Bangkok. Different places, people, customs and styles all influence my work. I am lucky to have called many different places home and being of Persian descent, I am a transplant by nature. My creations are the result of all these influences paired with the desire to make my version of perfect.


BANGELLE. Bold. Beautiful. Bangle. Bangelle (bangle + Elle, say bang-ELLE) is the result of my love for stackable bangles and my passion to create a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that is truly unique. A line created exclusively for heavy-handed, gold loving, bracelet-obsessed jewelry connoisseurs. You’re welcome.
All my designs are handcrafted by local artisans in Los Angeles. The line features a timeless, sleek and luxurious signature look. Solid 18K yellow, rose or white gold bangles in ladies, gents and unisex options. These are wearable pieces, day or night, dressed up or down. The uncompromising design is as beautiful as it is strong, just like the person wearing it. While stunning on their own, I like to layer the bangles with other pieces I love as the perfect addition: the more the merrier! There is something uniquely satisfying about a bundle of bangles gently rattling. My ideal stack includes Cartier’s Juste un Clou, Hermes’ Kelly and Collier de Chien, a fun tennis bracelet for some sparkle and Bangelle’s Dainty and Uni. I had this vision long before I laid eyes on my first Bangelle prototype.
Ranging from the Dainty’s one ounce to the BigBang’s four ounces (!) of 18K gold per bangle, it’s all about bringing together the mundane and luxury. These are weighty pieces by choice; hollow and high-end are mutually exclusive in my world. This is the playground for the bold and the gold, let’s play!
Wear what you love. Now.